Now You Can Gain Access To A Selection of 75 Stunning Done-For-You, Time Saving, Completely Editable eCover Designs That Are Sure To Please Your Prospects and Reel In The Sales!

No more expensive graphic designers, no more low quality designs, no more hassle and design complications.  One super low payment and you're ready to go with designs.

Imagine this scenario...

You clearly know that having top notch professional graphics will help you to sell more products, but of course, the cost to do that just isn't feasible.

It's expensive to afford the graphics that you NEED to have designed for your products to sell effectively.

I mean, realistically, you've spent endless weeks and tireless hours, perhaps even longer, creating the perfect 'holy grail' product for your prospects. You know they're going to love it.

You've even gone the extra mile to acquire some fancy reviews and testimonials to accompany the product...

Now that that's all out of the way, it's time to get to selling this epic masterpiece.

So, is your plan to just slam any old generic cover design on your product and cross your fingers, hoping it will sell?

Furthermore, are you going to work like a madman and try to market your product in hopes that it will get the recognition it deserves?

We all know that there's no shortage, even hundreds of products out there that could potentially be competing with you.

Speaking on the topic of competing products, I want to ask you a really important question:

How Exactly Are You Planning To Grab
Your Potential Customer's Attention?

Do you truly want to risk losing potential sales all because of a poor quality eCover design?

I think the obvious answer here is a resounding NO.

...that's because you don't just want a GOOD ecover.

You want to acquire an eCover design that's going to blow your customers away in and of itself...

At the end of the day, high quality top-notch graphics will give your prospects the encouragement and solidarity they need to BUY YOUR PRODUCTS.

This all sounds easy, right? Get a fancy eCover and slap it on your product... right?

Listen Closely Here...
The FIRST Impression of Graphic
Design Makes ALL the Difference.

As the CEO of Jaguar was once quoted saying...

"If you think GOOD design is expensive, you should look at the cost of BAD design."

That right there makes A LOT of sense if you really think about it.

How much does the appearance of a product catch your attention?

The correct answer, for most people, is a pretty significant amount. Just think about it.


But Of Course, There's A Massive Problem
With Getting GOOD High Quality Designs...

  • Good graphics are often costly.
  • It can be frustrating if you aren't creative.
  • Designing your own graphics isn't easy.
  • It's time consuming if you're not skilled.
  • It takes a lot of time to improve design skills.

The Good News?
You Are NOT Alone.
There IS Hope!

I Want You To Do The Following...

  • Forget about shelling out hundreds of dollars on cover designs...
  • Forget about wasting your precious time designing your own covers...
  • Stop stressing out over trying to perfect your cover designs to get them perfect...

As a fellow marketer and designer, I KNOW exactly what it takes to produce breath taking world-class designs...


White eCover Booster Volume 1

I'm beyond stoked to present you with a collection of 75 done-for-you high quality eCover design graphics that will eliminate all of the guesswork and hassle of doing it yourself... 

Plus, this will save you a TON of money, and of course time as well! 

The White eCover Booster Volume 1 collection is JAM PACKED with mouth-watering white cover designs

These designs span all sorts of niches, from self-help to internet marketing and beyond.  Ready to go from point of completing the download. 

These will without a doubt boost your brand impact and sky rocket your sales conversions at the same time. 

Take A Look At A Preview of The eCovers:

ALL PSD Source Files Included!  You can edit using Photoshop until your heart's content!


Here's Some Even Better News!

Now you can edit these cover files even if you don't have Photoshop!

Along with your purchase of this package, you will receive information about a FREE software that allows you to edit PSD files!

Additionally, you will receive a set of BLANK versions of these eCovers, meaning you can add any text or fonts without using the PSD file OR Photoshop.

Just have a look at the "modules" of graphic design assets you will receive as part of the eCover Booster Volume 1 package.

  • Module #1: 75 Premium "Flat White" Style eCover Designs
  • Module #2: 75 Accompanying Editable PSD Source Files For Each eCover Design
  • Module #3: All of the Fonts Used In These eCover Designs
  • Module #4: 75 Blank Style eCover Designs of Included (No Photoshop Needed!)
  • Module #5: Commercial Usage License (Use These For Yourself or Clients)

Now, don't get me wrong, if you regularly pay premium prices for top tier graphic design, then you'll without a doubt know that I've really gone to town with these eCover graphics.

At the same time, I'm confident that you'll agree with me when I say that an eCover template package like the one you're looking at today is EASILY worth 50 times what I'm offering you here today...

Here's 6 Reasons Why You Should Get
eCover Booster Volume One Today

"One Graphic Design Element Can Make A
Difference and Transform Your Product"

It's Time To Decide!

Alright, Darren, I'm Definitely Interested...

But What's The Cost?

You know the drill with these graphics products.  It's evident that you'll be getting an
enormous discount with this special bundle.  It's an incredible deal that's hard to pass up.

Let Me Do The
Math For You

You'll receive a single Cover Design from one of the top designers for about $47 to $197 per design.  You could go on Fiverr or another nickel & dime site and pay maybe $10-$20 total.

Let's say I beat that and charge you something like $17 per eCover design template included in this package.

75 Templates x $17 = $1,275.00

We're Coming To The End Of The Line Here...

Trust me when I say that once you have your hands on this package, you will discover the immense value packed into such a modestly priced power bundle.

Because really, this one should be a total NO-BRAINER purchase...I should NOT have to explain or justify the price!

You're receiving 75 mouth-watering and drop-dead gorgeous cover design templates which you can utilize in an infinite number of digital or even physical products.  You have no design limits with this package.

Just consider how much time and cash money this breath taking White Cover Mega Bundle pack is going to end up saving you in the long run...and the best part is:

Nobody is EVER going to know that you tweaked these all by yourself!

So, realistically, if you want juicy product covers whether for your book, video course, etc. that will MASSIVELY spice up your product and make it sell itself, then look no further, because this is the solution.

As mentioned previously, you know how these graphic design bundles usually run with pricing, and that you'll be receiving a gigantic discount for grabbing this as a bundle.  It's really an automatic delicious deal that's hard to skip over.

However, let's just say...

If you do decide to this cover design hooplah on your own, it will cost you hours and hours of your valuable time that's also worth a priceless amount.   Meanwhile, you could invest that energy, money, and time into other important aspects of your ever-growing business.

So either way, when we add all of this up: It's somewhere between $97 and $497.

$197?  Nope - Not Today...

Because You Can Grab The Whole Package

For Just $17!

What?!  That's right, $17.  It's NOT a typo.

However, you need to act quickly...this offer will only be open for 72 hours
this week. Plus, if you order now, I will toss in some incredible bonuses.

Fast-Action Takers Receive These Epic Bonuses


25 Kindle eCovers w/ PSD Source Files

These covers are perfectly designed to be used with eBooks, reports, or other info products.  Whether for distribution on Kindle or otherwise.  You can utilize these with personal usage rights however you'd like on any of your products at all.

VALUE $97.00


Graphics Secret Box Collection

This graphics secret box comes with buttons, banners, lines, and a myriad of other graphic design elements that you can use to spruce up your sales page, videos, graphics projects and so much more.  Just have a look at some of the elements that come in this graphics secret box collection.

VALUE $197.00

  • 3D eCover Smart Templates
  • 404 Error Pages
  • Add To Cart Images
  • App Store Buttons
  • Apple Device Mockups
  • Banner Design Kit
  • Bullet Points
  • Businessman Mascot Kit
  • Call-To Action Buttons
  • Chalk Board Kit
  • Comic FB Timeline Covers
  • Countdown Timers
  • Customizable App Icons
  • Download Buttons
  • Facebook Timeline Covers
  • Feature Lists
  • Guarantee Badges
  • Login Forms
  • Logo Templates
  • Map Markers
  • Meme Backgrounds
  • Navigation Menus
  • Note Graphics
  • Premium Headers
  • Premium Layer Styles
  • Price Strike Throughs
  • Pricing Tables
  • Print Flyers
  • Secret Graphics Modules
  • Small Add To Cart Buttons
  • Social Media Bages
  • Social Media Icons
  • Social Media Marketing Kit
  • Testimonial Boxes
  • Various Arrow Designs
  • Video Skins
  • Visual Headlines
  • Web Display Templates
  • Web Page Dividers


eCover Mockups Photoshop Actions

These Photoshop actions cover a wide variety of different cover mockups that you can use for your products.  Overall this will give your product the professional look that it deserves.  Pictured below are just some of the mockups included.

VALUE $67.00


691 Various High Quality Vector Images

Vector images are one of the most valuable assets that you can have in your library of graphics.  The reason being is that you can use them in these covers to create more designs, use them on your site, or use them in videos.  They don't lose quality because they're vector images.  These span a ton of topics, see below...

VALUE $97.00

*NOTE: These vector images are not as tiny as you see here.  They are actually MASSIVE for high quality usage.  :)


1,000+ Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Covering a wide variety of topics, you can be sure you'll find something of use in this stock image library.  Containing over 1,000 royalty-free photos, in the highest resolution and of the highest possible quality available.  Use these however you'd like.

VALUE $197.00

  • Sunsets / Sunrises
  • Cities
  • Landscapes
  • Nature
  • Traffic
  • People
  • Inspirational
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Weather
  • Roads
  • Electronics
  • Relationships
  • Clocks / Times
  • Animals
  • Health
  • Productivity
  • Music
  • Hobbies
  • Motivational
  • Fitness

Check Out The License Terms Outlined Below...


  • Can use these cover design templates for commercial and personal use
  • Can use these to create designs for clients and your products
  • Can create mockups or 3D versions using these eCovers
  • Can add or edit the images in any way you see fit
  • Can claim ownership of the cover after changing them
  • Can post them on your sites or in your product
  • Can use as templates to create other cover templates


  • Cannot resell private label rights
  • Cannot sell with resell rights
  • Cannot sell with master resell rights
  • Cannot distribute with personal usage rights or any rights at all.
  • Cannot resell this entire package with the same modules
  • Cannot give away these images for free for other's to use
  • Cannot add to a membership site to give away

The Guarantee Policy

Due to the nature of this product being centered around various graphic design elements and a set of source files and flat versions as well, there will be no refunds.

That means that all sales of this product are final.  There are 100% no refunds.

We WILL work with you until you're happy, so rest assured you'll get a good result.

Are You Ready To Download This eCover Bundle?

With this incredibly vast selection of cover design templates available to you for editing, you're set and ready to go.  No, seriously - you're ready to start impressing the crowd with your cover designs.

Truthfully, you should have seriously no issues at all finding usage for at least a few of these covers, and that alone is sure to pay off your investment in this package.

Having said that, are you ready to grab your copy of "White eCover Booster Volume One" today?

Just think of how long it could potentially take you to either design things or to pay somebody to do this for you.

But of course, there's also an alternative...

Take action right now and secure your access to the freshly minimalistic and top quality "White eCover Booster Volume One" package today.  Giving you lifetime access to utilize these eCovers to boost your design efforts endlessly.

Even better, after placing your order - you will receive INSTANT access to your product; even at 2AM.

You can grab your copy by using the buy button right below.

Grab Instant Access Right Now!

  • Module #1: 75 Premium "Flat White" Style eCover Designs
  • Module #2: 75 Accompanying Editable PSD Source Files For Each eCover Design
  • Module #3: All of the Fonts Used In These eCover Designs
  • Module #4: 75 Blank Style eCover Designs of Included (No Photoshop Needed!)
  • Module #5: Commercial Usage License (Use These For Yourself or Clients)
White eCover Booster Volume 1 [PERSONAL USE]

*Note: This comes in PNG, JPG, and PSD file formats.  There are also fonts included, as well as blank versions too.  You are permitted to use these for personal and commercial usage however you cannot resell them with any sort of rights.


 If you think about it, one e-cover design on somewhere like Fiverr would cost you at least $10 including the PSD file and it might not even be how you like it.

With this, if you even just use 1 or 2 of these covers, your investment has already paid for itself.  That's not a stretch at all - and you can re-use these as many times as you want.

PPS: In the case that you're not eager to dive in, as you can see there's an additional 5 bonuses tossed into the offer to help spruce it up for you.

This includes 25 more e-cover designs with the PSD files, 500 vector graphics (for using as images on the e-covers), 1K stock photos, e-cover action scripts, and more graphic elements.

Any of these would cost you easily as much as you're paying today.  So, why miss out?

Really though, what are you waiting for?  Grab your copy today by using the button below (or above)...

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q: What file formats are included?

You will receive PNG files for the actual cover design templates themselves.  Additionally, you'll receive the PSD Photoshop source files for each of the cover designs as well, so that you can easily edit them.

  • Q: Can I edit or change these covers?

Yes, you are permitted to modify these covers in any way you see fit, whether by using the PSD files or not.

  • Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

Due to the nature of this product being mostly images, and you being able to see the quality of the images clearly on this page, there are no refunds.

  • Q: Can I sell these cover design images?

Absolutely not!  The license you're receiving with this product allows you to use them commercially.

  • Q: Will I receive a license agreement?

Absolutely, you will receive a license agreement that outlines what your usage rights are.  This includes a clear yes and no outline as seen on this page.

  • Q: Where can I use these covers?

There's really no limit to where you can use them; for digital products or physical products, books, etc.

  • Q: Are the photos used royalty-free?

Yes, the images used in this entire package for the backgrounds or any icons, are indeed royalty-free or fully compensated for.  Guaranteed!

  • Q: Can I sell resell rights to this package?

No, the license you are receiving allows you to only utilize these images with personal use.  You cannot distribute this package with resell rights in any way.

*You will receive instant access to this graphics package even at 2AM any time.

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